Punjab Intermediate Cities

Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program (PICIIP) aims to improve the quality of living in the 13 intermediate cities of Punjab through 4 tranches with total investment of 500 M US$ via Multi Tranche Financing Facility (MTFF) of Asian Development Bank (ADB). In the first phase Sialkot and Sahiwal cities are selected under this program. Local Government & Community Development Department, Government of Punjab is the executing agency whereas the Urban Unit Lahore is the technical advisor of this program.

The program will transform the intermediate cities into urban centers which are more efficient, accountable & serve as an engine of economic growth and sustainable development. Furthermore it will also address the urban development challenges at city level including city integrated planning, improved institutional framework for urban services, strengthened business processes of utilities, and improved urban infrastructure and services. Scope of this program includes introduction of Integrated urban Planning, Institutional framework for institutional development at the city level improvement, strengthen the Business Processes of Urban utilities, Urban Infrastructure Improvement, Enhancing the capacity of local government staff working in cities. Moreover it will re-conceptualize the effectiveness of Punjab local government academy at Lala Musa as center of excellence & key capacity building Institution for local government, climate resilient design and integrated development asset management plan.