Murree GPO Restoration

Murree’s iconic General Post Office (GPO) building was built by the British in 1867 and has stood at the start of Murree’s famous Mall Road for almost 150 years. The building has undergone numerous interventions over time, including a façade modernisation in 1970 that destroyed its original historic character.

The Urban Unit has taken on responsibility for the restoration and reconstruction of the building, with the specific aim to revitalize the major historic Landmark and one of Pakistan’s most visited locations. Given the building’s significance to Murree and the surrounding areas as a heritage site, parts of the building’s interior are being converted into public spaces. The project team plans to further reinvigorate the building with a premium café on its ground floor and authentic colonial style furniture decked out around the premises. The project is currently entertaining bids from potential caterers and interior designers for the provision of services at the site.