Redefining Urban Settlements to make socially cohesive & economically sustainable communities while creating history of Urbanization in Pakistan


Our mission is to effectively operate as Punjab Government’s core urban research and policy management unit. By efficiently managing resources and providing optimal quality services resulting in sustainable urban development, we are striving to ensure improved quality of life for the people of Pakistan


The Urban Unit was established in 2006, as a Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Planning and Development Department under the Government of Punjab. In 2012, the company underwent significant transformation and was converted into an independent private sector company, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). It is a multi-disciplinary organization centered upon systematic development of urban areas through shared data repository, international and local collaboration with research centers and international donor agencies. The core objective of the company is to facilitate government-run agencies, private entities and donor agencies with reliable and legitimate technical advisory services. The aim is to achieve socio-economic goals in public servicing as cities become engines of growth.